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Recent residential studies have now confirmed that exposure to radon gas concentration in a household carries with it severe health risks. Until recently, the general perception held by most Canadians was that problems concerning radon gas were limited to remote communities and even then it was not that serious an issue. We now know that this is not the case.

What is Radon Gas

Radon is a radioactive colourless and odourless inert gas. It moves easily through soils and solids allowing seepage into buildings and homes. Radon gas that moves from the ground into open air is rapidly diluted into low enough concentrations that it is not a health concern. However, the air pressure inside a building is usually lower than in the soil surrounding the foundation which will draw gases in through even the smallest openings. Once inside a house, radon gas can accumulate to high levels very quickly and may easily become a long-term problem. Health Canada estimates a non-smoker exposed to elevated levels of radon gas over a lifetime has a 1 in 20 chance of developing lung cancer.

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in Canada with over 16% of lung- cancer deaths attributable to radon gas (approximately 3000 deaths per year).


Radon gas kills more Canadians than drunk driving, drowning and fire combined.

Radon Gas Testing

Based on new alarming results, Health Canada has lowered Canadian guidelines for radon gas in indoor air from 800 Becquerel per cubic meter to 200 Becquerel per cubic meter. The higher the radon gas concentration, the sooner remedial measures should be undertaken.


The only way to know if you and your family are at risk is to test your home regardless of its location. You would expect this peace of mind to cost a fortune but radon gas testing is very simple and inexpensive. Test duration of at least 3 months is recommended by Health Canada. Please ensure that your family lives in a healthy home and order a radon test kit



Simply order our long-term radon test kit and follow the instructions. Long-term gas testing can last anywhere between 90 days and 12 months. Then mail the device back to laboratory and your results will be ready in couple of days.



If you are buying or selling a home you should consider having a quick radon gas test performed. Before you buy, determine if the home has dangerous levels of radon gas before final sales transaction.

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