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Radon Mitigation: We Can Reduce Radon in Your Home

Methods to reduce the level of radon in your home vary considerably in their complexity, long-term effectiveness and cost.  We strongly recommend that every radon control system is installed by C-NRPP Certified professional.

Educate Yourself.


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Reducing Radon Gas Levels in Existing Homes: A Canadian Guide for Radon Professionals published by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and Health Canada to help you better understand the mitigation process.

We Are Certified.


Radon is a relatively new issue. There are not many contractors in most regions of Canada with skills in radon control methods. Health Canada encourages to use service providers holding certification like Radon Control.

Think Ahead.


Don't forget that there is also an operating cost associated with the most radon reduction systems. Your radon specialist should  calculate this cost for you.

Radon reduction system components:

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We will reduce the Radon in your home bellow Canadian "action level" of 200 Bq/m3 or we will not charge you for any mitigation work.



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Radon Reduction Guide

Reducing Radon Gas Levels in Existing Homes: A Canadian Guide for Radon Professionals

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