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3" to 3" Flexible Couplings (7.5 cm to 7.5 cm)

Radon Reduction Guide

Reducing Radon Gas Levels in Existing Homes: A Canadian Guide for Radon Professionals

This radon mitigation system component can be used with:

* Price per single coupling.

Note: Flexible coupling 3" to 3"  can also be used with: AMG Eagle, AMG Prowler and AMG Spirit radon fans.

Product Description

Radon mitigation system pipe connectors allows you to connect PVC or ABS pipe to radon fan. 3" to 3" flexible couplings can be used with our GP Series Radon Fans.


Our Radon reduction system couplings have earned a reputation for superior and consistent performance so you can have full confidence in their reliability and quality.  The dimensional variability ensures radon-leak-proof seal for any pipe-to-fan connection.

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